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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Plastic into Sustainable Fashion.


Plastic was invented over a hundred years ago and every piece of it is still around, polluting our planet. Chemical structure of the plastic makes it extremely durable and therefore has accumulated to an alarming scale, it pollutes our land, rivers and oceans, and threaten our health. Over 300 million tons of plastic has been produced globally every year and only 9% recycled (UNEP, 2018). Our modern society has become reliant on plastic, without realizing the damage it causes to our health and lives of future generation.

Because of undeniable scientific evidence about the scale of plastic pollution and its health and life threatening implications, many countries are standing up to take an action. As such the EU plans to make all plastic packaging across Europe recyclable or reusable by 2030. Georgia must follow the same suit.


Proposed Solution:

Handmade recycled plastic bags offer an important solution to (i) reduce plastic pollution by recycling for further use; (ii) reduce use of new plastic bags by creating sturdy and trendy bags from recycled plastic; and (iii) raising awareness of plastic pollution for scaling up the circular economic activity through partnerships.

The core principle is to fight plastic pollution by reducing, reusing and recycling the plastic material. And we offer a small scale and locally feasible solution.

What do our handmade recycled plastic bags do to contribute to solving the plastic pollution?

Handmade recycled bags arrest plastic waste and stop plastics getting into our water, food and our bodies. Instead of dumping highly polluting plastic bags into the environment, we create a design bags for daily use, and eliminate the need for new plastic bags. We encourage all individuals, families, organizations and businesses to say No to plastic and supply us with all plastic bags and packages that had already been accumulated from previous use. Instead of throwing plastic and adding to already threatening levels of pollution we create design bags for a long term use. If our bags get damaged, we will further recycle for reuse, thus creating a small-scale circular economic activity without any waste.

By carrying our handmade recycled, and individually designed plastic bags individuals and organizations can raise public awareness of plastic pollution and attract attention of the others to support this important cause.


We cannot spearhead the change without finding partners and allies. Individuals, civil society organizations and businesses that by nature of their activities produce plastic waste (e.g. bags, dry cleaning plastic covers, advertisement banners, any other polymer fabrics or soft packaging material) can help create our design bags and arrest plastic pollution. We are looking for the partners that can help us in setting up a system of a regular collection and supply of plastic material that we can recycle and reuse. We use the waste creatively and turn them into trendy, design bags that will reduce the use of plastic and hence plastic pollution. By using and supporting our handmade recycled plastic bags the individuals and partner organizations will also become the agents of change.