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Reduce, Reuse and
Plastic into Sustainable Fashion


Households Collecting


Collected Plastic

45 M

Banners and Roll Ups

What is is the personal initiative and protest, activism, respecting social enterprise core principle. Its mission is to reduce plastic waste and pollution, to inspire people to follow a zero waste lifestyle. knows that nearly all trash can be recycled and up cycled.  By collecting  household plastic waste and expired advertising banners and  roll up materials from partner organization, we create sustainable fashion items.

What we do?

We make handmade recycled plastic bags, raincoats and other sustainable fashion accessories, that offer an important solution to reduce plastic pollution by up cycling for further use. We advocate for  reduce use of new plastic bags by creating sturdy and trendy bags from up cycled plastic waste. In case your items get damaged, you can easily mend them, using only a “baking” paper and an iron. The core idea is not to throw but repair items. Mend your sustainable fashion Items by yourself and use it, till it is well worn out. For scaling up the circular economic activity we seek further partnerships.

core principle is

To fight plastic pollution by reducing, reusing and up cycling plastic and other material into sustainable

fashion products. To work with people on changing pollution behavior pattern and to inspire them for better days.